About XpertNation

XpertNation is part of 100 Century Labs.
XpertNation was envisioned to help common people take the right decisions related to medical treatment by connecting them with experts in various medical specialties.
The idea for XpertNation came out of our personal experience in dealing with health issues of loved ones, during which we felt that being able to meet the right people at the right time made a significant difference in making informed decisions and also gave us immense confidence to handle the consequences that much better. We felt that tapping into the rich expertise and experience of such specialists is much under-utilized in our society today, and so we decided to take this as an opportunity to make a difference and create an impact in the lives of many.

XpertNation's goal is to connect individuals seeking a second opinion with an expert in the right field at the right time, thus empowering them to make more informed decisions by enabling access to all the relevant information.

Core Values that guide us

  • Quality: We have hand-picked highly experienced and credible professionals to be on our panel of experts.
  • Honesty:We strive to provide you accurate and complete information that is just right for you.
  • Timeliness: We aim to get you an appointment with the expert within 48 hours of receiving your questions and the complete case history

We take the business of medical second opinions very seriously and understand the importance they play during the decision making process by patients and their loved ones and also in instilling confidence in their primary physician which plays a key role in the recovery process. For this, we have work very closely with our advisers and experts from each specialty to carefully gather all the important patient information needed by the experts before they can provide a credible second opinion.

Listen to our Founder, Vasantha Gullapalli giving a peak into her journey so you better understand her motive and intention behind XpertNation: